Careers (Sample)

Career Path
Get Ahead With Us


We don’t want you to work for us.

We want you to work with us!

Who We Hire

Recruiting New Talent
Hiring the Best of the Lot


If you are looking for a job where you come to work every day, eat lunch in a corner and then go back home then we don’t think that we have any vacancy for you.

However, if your idea of working involves being part of a team that works, plays and stays together (especially on Whatsapp!) then we might hit it off from day one itself!

Our motto is to work like there is always a tomorrow but party like there is no tomorrow! It is simpler that way. And more fun too!

The Balancing Act

Balancing Work with Play
Having It All


When you choose to work with us then it makes us as much responsible towards you as you feel towards us.

We make sure that you get the best team to work with where you get to interact with the most creative, smart and interesting people of your field.

This doesn’t mean that we want you to uproot your present life and start living at your workplace. We are very well aware of the fact that you have a life outside the office too and you wish to continue living it even after you join us.

Workplace Perks

Perks of Being the Best
Work With the Best


We don’t claim that we will pay you the highest salary for your skill-set because you are not an antique in an auction and we are not interested in winning you in a bidding war.

What we are interested in is offering you competitive compensation as well as one of the best platforms for your social as well as professional growth. If you wish to continue or join a course after joining us then we would really like to work on it with you.

We believe in reaching for goals together and would never discourage you from going after what you aspire to achieve.


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