About Us (Sample)


Always Stay Ahead by Catching Up


Just 3 Seconds…

… is the time it takes for someone like you to ignore a web page like this and switch to a new tab.

And when that someone is a first time visitor on your website then things start getting a bit tricky. You have just three seconds to express your expertise to him/her in the best way possible.

You call it a 50-50 shot and roll the dice. And in that moment, you lose half of your prospective clients.

Depending upon the best days of your business (which are not that much, by the way, even for the seasoned players of the business world), you start stepping down the ladders of success.

And then you wonder that how come your million-dollar idea went kaput.

What went wrong?

Let us step in and tell you the what, why and how of this often overlooked loophole of almost every other business plan.

The Answer!

How to Solve All your Software Troubles
The Ultimate Answer


Instead of adding on to your online presence you started settling for the low-priced options.

You started saving more and investing less on your product/service. Soon your company turned from an upcoming online venture to just an idle domain name.

Terrible but fixable.

At least at Example Solutions.

Now What?

Problem - Solution Dynamics
Solution Always Follows the Problem


What makes us the solution of all your online troubles, you ask?

For starters, we don’t claim to be.

And we also don’t use sentences like ‘We under-promise and over-deliver.’

We hate jargons as much as you do and know very well that the people are smart enough nowadays to understand that jargons are the weapon of a lacking mind.

And if you are looking for a genie that fixes all your website-related worries in a single day then we can’t help you.

But if you are looking for a reasonably-priced software and website solutions provider then we can be of great help to you.

Our virtual doors and ears are always open to hear your problems.

Help With Anything and Everything

Towards the Betterment of Each Other
Helping Towards A Better Tomorrow


What exactly can we help you with?

From the second you say, “Eureka!” to the moment you say, “I’m done.” we can share your workload.

We can say that we will take care of it all but you know we can’t! And you don’t even want us to.

You tell us the way you want your website or software to work and we will tell you all the options available for it along with their pros and cons.

You want a reliable hosting service for your domain? Let’s discuss and it will be done!

You want to create a website?

Improve its graphics?

Optimize its content?

Increase its online presence?

Create a mobile app for it?

Discuss. Done!

Talent behind the Curtains

People who Make it All Possible
The Hidden Genius


The human mind can’t help but be impressed (or prejudiced!) by certain details.

Rather than leading with the fact that our company is established, supported and guided by more than 5000 IITians, we like our work to do the talking for us.

But we also don’t like fuzzy details.

Please keep it in mind the next time we are discussing over the project.

Or else…

We will have to follow up!

The Blue Chip

The Mastermind Behind the Revolution
Processing Information to Solution


Speaking in business terminology (pardon the jargon!), the founder of Example Solutions is Mr. ABC XYZ.

No prizes for guessing that he has done both his bachelors and masters in engineering from IIT, well, IIT-Bombay to be specific.

With an in-depth professional programming experience of more than 7 years in top-notch software companies, he finally realised the massive gap in the supply and demand of skills and resources in India.

Long story short, Mr. ABC along with his talented team wants to make computer technology as simple, useful and accessible as it should be.

So what are you waiting for?

Connect with us today!

Tell us what is on your mind and we will together try to make some sense (or app!) out of it.


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