Apple Thunderbolt Ports



Define Thunderbolt.

Apple has come up with the latest in I/O technology with Thunderbolt that handles different kinds of data transfer processes with a single port. One channel is available on each side of this port that promises an impressive throughput of 10 Gbps from either side. It is compatible with high performance date devices as well as HD screens. Thunderbolt ports promise unprecedented speed, simplicity and flexibility.

Which Macs currently support Thunderbolt Ports?

The Thunderbolt technology is currently available on following Macs:

  • MacBook Pro with Retina display (Mid 2012 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (Early 2011 and later)
  • MacBook Air (Mid 2011 and later)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2011 and later)
  • iMac (Mid 2011 and later)
  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Follow the below mentioned steps to check the model name of your Mac and verify its Thunderbolt compatibility:

  • If you have OS X Lion or subsequent versions then click on ‘About this Mac’ option from the drop-down Apple menu.
  • Select ‘More Info’ option.
  • View the model specification available adjacent to the computer’s icon.

Do the connected devices get power supply from Thunderbolt?

All the devices connected to the Thunderbolt port get power supply. However the level of the power supply depends upon how far are the connected devices from the primary device directly connected to the AC power supply in the device sequence.

If the devices are connected to a primary device running on battery then the charging process will be slow and the primary device may get drained out of power soon. Hence it is advised to connect all the devices directly to the power supply if possible or to a primary device currently plugged in.



What are the various ways to use Thunderbolt optimally?

  1. The various ways to get optimum performance from thunderbolt technology are as follows:
  2. Ensure that your Mac is running on Mac OS X v10.6.8 or any other later version.
  3. Install all the latest software and firmware editions as suggested on the ‘Software Updates’ section of your Apple Menu.

Few of the Thunderbolt-specific software update suggestions are as follows:

  • Thunderbolt Software Update 1.1 (OS X Lion version).
  • Thunderbolt Software Update 1.1(Mac OS X Snow Leopard version).
  • Thunderbolt Firmware for Mac: Thunderbolt Firmware Update.
  • Thunderbolt Firmware for display: Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update.

Restart your Mac after installing all the software updates. Look again for any more impending software update suggestion.

Will all Thunderbolt devices stay connected when my Mac goes into hibernation?

No, all the thunderbolt devices will get disconnected once your Mac goes into hibernation due to power depletion. Hence make sure to reconnect all the devices once you plug in and restart the system, before proceeding further with any further activity on any of them.





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