WordPress 4.1 – Dinah

WordPress 4.1 Dinah – A Tribute to the Jazz Legend of the 50s

Image: WordPress


The latest version of WordPress is WordPress 4.1- Dinah and it promises a kaleidoscopic tapestry in the world of Content Management System (CMS).

It is named after the legendary Jazz singer Dinah Washington and its vibrant features match the charisma of this crooner in more ways than one. Try for yourself by downloading it from the official WordPress website and add a zing to your refreshing blogs.

What’s New?

  1. For Developers
Myriad of Features

Image: WordPress

  • Customizer API

Only selected sections and panels are visible to the viewers on the basis of the page being viewed. This selective user interface is facilitated by the customizer.

  • Advanced Queries

Advanced Conditional Logic including multiple operators (AND, OR, NOT) and nested clauses is implemented with the execution of term, metadata and date queries.

  • Themes with <title> tags

All the titles present in the document are treated with extra sensitivity by WordPress by the help of add_theme_support (‘title-tag’).

  • Developer’s Guide

Organized and complete code documentation has made it easier than ever for the developers to explore the WordPress API toolkit.

  1. For Users
Express in Your Own Words
350+ Themes to Choose From

Image: WordPress

  • One-Step Logout from Everywhere

No matter from how many places you have logged in to your WordPress account, you can just visit your WordPress profile once and logout. This will ensure that you are logged out from everywhere where you might have forgotten to log out.

  • Multi-Lingual Interface

The multi-lingual platform of WordPress enables you to switch to the language of your choice. You just need to go to the General Setting screen and from there you can select any language of your choice.

  • Easy Vine Embedding

Thanks to the in-built Vine video embedding facility, now you can add any vine video of your choice to your blog in the simplest way possible. All you need to do is paste its URL address at the required place and your blog is ready to be displayed.

  • Regular Plugin Suggestions

You will get timely plugin suggestions from the plugin installer for appropriate updates, depending upon your user history or the popularity of specific plugins among users that belong to your line of work.

Express Yourself in Your Own Words
Express Yourself in Your Own Words

Image: WordPress

Important Additions

Twenty fifteen – the Latest in Default WordPress Themes

Latest WordPress Theme: Twenty Fifteen

Image: WordPress

WordPress 4.1 comes with the ‘Twenty Fifteen’ default theme that aims at optimizing the user interface such that your content takes the centre stage across different platforms. This theme is suitable for tablets, mobiles, desktops and laptops.

Backed by the Google’s Noto font family, this theme offers utmost content clarity no matter in which language you write. Its simplistic typography is suitable for easy readability on different screen sizes.

Distraction-Free Writing Mode

Clear Your Workplace, Clear Your Mind

Image: WordPress

Writing can be the easiest or the hardest job to do, depending upon the motivation and the presence or absence of distraction factors.

The distraction-free writing mode of WordPress 4.1 provides an oasis of tranquillity to weave your thoughts into threads of words and bind then together into the fabric of sentence.

When you switch on to this mode, all the editing tools will take the backstage and you will be left will a blank screen yearning you to pour your ideas into it. The tools will return as soon as you are done with your writing and ready to put your editing glasses on.



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