Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – Introduction

What is SDLC? Image: SDLC can be defined as the processes of chalking out an efficient software development strategy keeping in mind the time and resource constraints. Depending upon the nature of client request or the problem in hand, the type of SDLC model being adopted varies but overall the basic steps involved in … Continue reading Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – Introduction


Main Steps Involved In SDLC

Image: Depending upon the size, complexity and the quality standards, the SDLC is divided into a number of stages each of which contribute to the software development process in one way or the other. The six main stages of a generalized SDLC are: Requirement Analysis/Planning: The requirement analysis stage includes creating a blueprint that … Continue reading Main Steps Involved In SDLC

SDLC Environments and the Roles Involved

SDLC Environments The development process takes place in a series of steps where the product goes through a number of environments before reaching its users. The main environments of development process are: Image: Development Environment: Independent code creation. Common Build Environment: Code merge to formulate an integrated and complete working system. Systems Integration Testing … Continue reading SDLC Environments and the Roles Involved

Types of SDLC Models

Depending upon different types of software being developed, a number of SDLC models have come into picture over the past few decades in the software industry. These models are also known as ‘Software Development Process Models’. A few of them are as follows: Waterfall Model Image: Iterative Model Image: Spiral Model Image: … Continue reading Types of SDLC Models